Atheism Added to Irish School Curriculums

We are definitively entering a new era where believing will be less an instrument of power and more a personal and individual spiritual expression.


In a country where over 84% of residents identify as Catholic, primary-school students for the first time will learn the basic tenets of atheism.

The Guardianreports that all students who attend multidenominational schools — currently about 16,000 pupils — will receive instruction on the secular belief systems starting next September. The new curriculum, which also includes humanism and agnosticism, is being designed by Educate Together — a nongovernmental organization in charge of 68 multidenominational schools — and Atheist Ireland, a five-year-old group dedicated to “promoting atheism, reason, and an ethical, secular state.”

On its website, Atheist Ireland explains that it has not yet been decided which age group will be the first to receive the lessons on atheism, but in the long term the organization hopes to offer a version for children ages 4 to 13. In all, the group plans to produce 10 lessons, each between 30 and…

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