Biz Ventures

Being born in a business oriented family from a father who worked all his life and brought himself from nothing to landlord and multiple businessman some of those genes stayed in my blood.

My father was born in 1900 (and that does not reveal my age but his) he was a country boy back in southern Colombia, sailing the Magdalena river, buying and selling things from town to town.With the year developed several businesses, built several buildings and owned many properties. A very skilled tradesman and respected person in the are. With a lot of children too. Those times were perfect for businessmen to grow empires and own land, real state and companies, from which few survive these days.

One of my first business experiences was managing Real State in Colombia. When I was about 19 I was in charge of a whole building with 12 apartments and 2 shops  full of tenants. managing to develop contracts, services and charge rent was one hard task to learn. My mind was shaped to be organized, fast and careful. Today I do appreciate that kind of experience.

Fundacion Artehoy

This was my next project, back in 1999. A non profit organization that explored new ways of linking art with audiences and companies. Bases on my thesis work research ¨New Considerations for Contemporary Arts Promotion¨. This organization developed several events based on a structure of 2 programs. Associated Projects and Commercial Partners that encouraged participation between those who create and move social, cultural and artistic ideas and those willing to connect with audiences. here Books, exhibitions, film festivals, research, trade fairs were our daily job. our main project was the Bogota Photography Biennial (25 exhibitions, 3 seminars, photo contests, portfolio  screenings and an international guest). Artehoy is now older than 10 years  and keeps working in Colombia while in 2004 I moved to Spain. check out artehoy at

Algo Bueno always happens

Then everything changed, new country, new life, new landscape and of course new ideas and new businesses. My first activity in Spain was completing my Masters degree at   University of Barcelona, Cultural Management at the Business and Economy faculty for one year. In the meantime I developed a research project about cultural industries and did an internship at a local company. But savings went away and my first biz came up a Photography studio, offering services to the local publishing industry Capsa Mágica (Magic Box) was the first initiative that completed, magazines, websites books and encyclopedias for different clients.

Graduation came and a short job as Marketing Expert at the Deaf People Federation of Catalunya (FESOCA) during which I enrolled in EQUAL an European Program to make entrepreneurs out of immigrants by Barcelona Activa the local economic development agency. Six months after that, I was opening my first company in Spain: Algo Bueno Management Cultura a cultural management initiative offering research, project development and content Production trough Algo Bueno Studio which currently operate in Barcelona.

Photocircuits : My Passion for Photography

This venture was born as a project for a client, who asked us to create, artistic experiences related to Photography to be given as gifts in experience boxes back in 2006. So we created among other options, photography tours across the city in the company of professional photographers, to learn, explore and enjoy a wonderful city as Barcelona. Photocircuits runs its own products and you can see more about it it at Photcircuits website or the Photocircuits Blog


La Innovation Kitchen: My passion for Innovation: We are a blended learning space aimed at professionals and organisations. We cook creation and innovation by sharing our key ingredients available at anytime, anywhere so you never stop learning and growing. We offer a complete menu of methods, tools and specialized ideas to grow personally and professionally with concrete results in your way of thinking and solving problems. check out all of learning and social activities here


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