Research, lectures and education

I guess I am a family guy after all.

Education has been running in the family since my grandmother who was a teacher at the elementary school back in 1915, then my mother who at the age of 15 was already teaching how to read and write to country boys and girls, my uncle and her wife, my only cousin and then my middle brother and me.

Still being a student for my second BA degree, I had my first teaching position at a university in 1993 in the Arts Faculty of a private University in Colombia, offering all my knowledge about photography and art. The funny thing is that some of the professors from my late student years were my co–workers at other institutions at the same time.

Fine Arts, beyond the talent and creativity boiling inside me,  offered me the opportunity to understand incredible methods for researching reality, understanding the world from different perspectives and applying it to an action, communication or object. Artistic research links us deeply with any subject of research and makes us work as the filter to understand and produce messages and objects or ideas. here an accurate and rigorous research is very important. I learnt this working for 7 years at the National University of Colombia Arts Faculty, running The Bogota Photography Biennial Fotosemana  in 200, 2002 and 2004.

Then came my hard working days  in television, video and events production, specially tv linked me to a less academic way of researching but made me see the importance of working towards he user/reader/audience/consumer. Topics, characters, locations and all details linked with the wishes and expectations of hungry audiences we wanted to keep and increase. market research linked immediately and works for sponsors, companies and government came one after the other teaching more an more things about the way we live, dream and buy.

My academic profile for about 10 years was centered in Creative Industries and Social Studies, specially government, embassies and cultural institutions. My profitable profile was then linked to TV, Events and marketing a strange but exciting mix.

Arriving to Spain in 2004 changed everything, definitively Spain is different as the used to say back in the 70’s. Education opportunities are everywhere, information is all around as connections with most of the major knowledge centers in Europe. Even though all these resources are there, the tradition for research (specially non scientific), academia and innovation has not been encouraged at all. During Franco´s dictatorship scientific and social research was very hard to develop and the state would prosecute anyone too involved in that kind of activities.  So a very hard delay has occurred in Spain’s Research, Innovation and Development in that sense.

For me, that meant a very big opportunity opening doors and after a couple of years of connecting the right people and proposing to some institutions my research and academic skills started being useful again. I currently run a postgraduate degree in trends research at Elisava one of the most prestigious design Schools in town , participate in an specialization course in commercial photography production at the Rotterdam Business School, University of Lisbon, IE Business School, Istituto Europeo Di Design, European University, Ravensbourne College and LaSalle College among others. Also consulting  for clients interested in improving innovation in their companies and also lecture in events and government organizations like Barcelona Activa helping students, companies and entrepreneurs develop skills in:

  • Service Design and Development
  • Consumer Outreach and Product Adaptation
  • Trends, Audience and Cultural Research
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Communications


If you are interested in participating on any academic projects  join my Lab!

2 thoughts on “Research, lectures and education

  1. Y no olvides a tu hermano Oscar que también ha sido profesor por largo tiempo en la Javeriana y otras universidades.

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