Running Projects looking for Partners

Loose ideas are projects on the go that suddenly grow by themselves and become big things. many of these projects have been born in the middle of the night, when I wake up like a zombie and go to my computer, sketchbook, notebook or whatever is available and start drafting, writing and imagining.

some of them can be Googled some of them just can´t.

Videopolis Travellin Urban Video festival: is and urban cinema and video traveling festival. It features life in different cities of the world and holds a collection of urban stories that talk about our world today. shortfilms, documentaries, animation and experimental movies made by emerging and non professional producers. enjoy Videopolis here

Phonetography at Photopolis:  is a series of exhibitions featuring facts of life that can only be capture with all kinds of mobile devices, pocket cameras and mobile phones. Curatorship, topics and exhibition formats and a  special point of view that make this a very attractive activity. join Photopolis here and enjoy Phonetography here

Urban Picnic: is a biz venture centered on the idea of living every day of the week as a Sunday. Food, pace, relationships, body and mind work in a very different way during the week. Join the movement and enjoy your days.

FUEL Magazine is a collective construction were collaborators connect with their readers offering what they really want to show. We are all editors in chief. enjoy FUEL Mag here

BTC/CTB Banco de Talento Creativo or The Creative Talent Bank is a professional resource Algo Bueno uses continously to develop projects for clients. We ahve put together a database of talented content producers, artists and technicians to be able to cover most services any client may need. This way the database helps itself, generating synergy and internal collaboration at a very high quality level. join the CTB here

Miniworkshops is the place where you can learn and experience all the things you always desired to know they are made or try to start a hobby, meet great and interesting people and spend a wonderful afternoon. join Miniworkshops for free here

100% Cotton is a travelin exhibition that uses the T–Shirt as and artistic media dor expression. Artists from very diffrent backgrouns and specialities have joined the project since 2001. This exhibition has been branded and sponsored before by Fruit of Loom accompanied by various side activities with young designers, music, video creation and workshops.  participate of 100% Cotton here.

Amor Universal Love project is and educational project that features activities around the history of sexual diversity like exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, events, blogging and social networks. The purpose if to let young people know more about the history of human sexuality and the way it has manifested in most cultures across time.Running since 2004 it was initially supported by New York University´s fales Library, the New York LGBT Centre, Visual Aids, Artehoy Foundation. Currently supported by the Government of Catalonia and looking for new orgs and sponsors. enjoy AUL and participate here

If you are interested in sponsoring, supporting or joining any of these projects please contact me at Skype: Via linkedin or directly to my office at +34 93 0198402.

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