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Communications, Culture, Art and Design have been my environment since I was a kid. I remember back in the 5th grade , our language teacher asked us to write a  report about ourselves in 20 years and I was undecided between owning an advertising agency or an art school. Today none, or maybe both are in my daily life.

Advertising and Art have changed so much since those years that, probably my dream has come true and I haven´t noticed.

Advertising is not about ads , spots or magazines anymore, not about creating noise anymore. It is about life and listening, dialogue and participation, and this is the kind of advertising I like best.

Art on the other side is not about objects and images and beauty anymore, but about ideas, knowledge and perceptions. So I guess they are both my work now, or at least I try to make them be it.

The truth is Art and Design are now part of my daily decisions, chores and projects in a different way than I dreamed and in a very rewarding way too.

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One thought on “Art & Design

  1. After a long period of silence, I have just read your comment and I couldn’t agree with you more. ART has transformed itself at a more rapid speed than ever in these past 2 decades, and nothing can ever be, nor stay the same again. It also needs to be so, because ART is not static, nor should it ever dare to be so. ART requires evolution and it should never be stopped, even if all codes also change and develop, causing us all more difficulty in keeping up with its pace. Again you are right in saying that ART is more about ideas, knowledge and sensations, and not simply objects, images nor beauty.
    The search, research, introspection must move on.

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