Corporate Culture Design

After researching several examples and talking to employees from different companies and we can find three main elements that need to be considered, previous to the conceptualisation of a corporate culture design:

The first one is Policy.

The organisation´s internal legislation, where the values of a company are reflected and define the identity of the organization with its mission, vision and strategies.

The second is Governance.

All regulations that transform internal culture like structure, programs and hierarchy. This refers to how the community is governed, how is it managed and what is acceptable or unacceptable both professionally and socially. how is power executed and decisions made.

And the third is Everyday Work and Practices.

Human interactions, groups and subgroups, social activities, external environment and team work that happen in a particular way.

These are tools that within the company or the organisation determine the shape of its culture. These would  the three main pillars that a company can use to design, improve or sometimes even destroy, their own code to the ways they work, produce, compete, impact and in two words: the way they are.

Corporate culture design is possible and manageable through innovation methodologies and tools, tailor-made for each organization according to its identity and nature.

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Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

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