The Beauty of Unsolicited Gifts

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This is a time of the year when giving and receiving has many expressions and many meanings.

For a long time, I have  experienced an urge to give someone I love or admire something that can make us connect a little bit more or celebrate the fact of being together in this world. Giving has been for years a way of communicating, a means of connecting and the expression of generosity to others. But giving is quite more complex these days.

I have recently noticed that many people are bothered by receiving gifts that do not match their expectations or taste. Some are even mad to find themselves forced to receive things they find uninteresting, invaluable or useless. I have to admit this has shocked me really hard.

The increasing level of nonconformity towards received gifts is so high, that most of us lose track of the original meaning of giving and get lost in the endless sea of acquiring.The objects become more important that the action or the intention. Commodities rule over any expression of feelings, gratefulness, solidarity or love. . That is why it is very easy to find children shouting their parents about Christmas gifts, couples on disagreement about the value of the ring he gave her or the perfume she bought, or friends complaining each other about giving and receiving.

But, Who gives what and why? Who is thinking of us? Who cares about our joy or our dreams?  Who likes to see a smile in our face? Do you really know it? Careless Giving and Joyfully receiving anything,  may provide answers to these questions.

Under the cover of civilized celebrations, commercial dates, promotions and gift marketing  have destroyed the joy of careless giving and the emotion of unexpectedly receiving.

I have  received  what I have mistakenly called, unsolicited gifts for years. Each one of them filled me with joy, opened my eyes towards other people’s feelings about me and let me see their gratefulness, admiration and love.I can remember every person and every feeling but hardly remember the gift. I wish that never changes.

Every time I am asked about my Christmas or Birthday wishes, I give no answers, at the end it doesn´t really matter. I just let life surprise me,  showing me those things people tell in many different ways.

Commodities are not important. Intentions and feelings are.

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